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IFA is one of the oldest film festivals with a feminist tradition in Europe, the only festival with such an orientation in The Netherlands, and one of the few places in Drenthe that programs arthouse films.

Dates & Tickets

The 44th edition of Internationaal Filmfestival Assen will take place from 7 until 10 March 2024 in DNK, Assen (Weiersstraat 1).

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Our 2024 film program includes many films in English or with English subtitles. The program overview is in Dutch, but you can find all titles suited for English-speaking viewers below. Click a film title to visit its respective page. Here you'll find a description, trailer, film still, poster, and, starting February 22nd at 10 AM, a ticket link.

Director's Talk: Céline Sciamma

In the Director's Talk, guest of honor Céline Sciamma speaks extensively about her work, her inspirations and the role of female and queer filmmakers in the current film industry. Accompanied by various scenes and fragments, the conversation will be led by Renske Diks; film expert, programmer for Filmhuis Alkmaar and Rialto (Queer Pioneers), and writer (Queens of Beirut).

On Saturday 9 March Céline Sciamma will personally introduce the screening of her film Portrait de la jeune fille en feu (Portrait of a Lady on Fire).

All of Us Strangers

Language: English | Dutch subtitles

A meeting between screenwriter Adam (Andrew Scott) and his mysterious neighbour Harry (Paul Mescal) breaks their daily rhythm. As they grow closer in a near-empty London tower block, Adam is drawn back to his childhood home and memories of long-deceased parents. A masterful, sensitive film about loneliness, grief, love and commitment in various guises.


Language: Greek, English, German | English subtitles

In this slow-burn social-realist drama, animators at a Greek all-inclusive resort prepare for a busy tourist season. Everything seems glamorous and wonderful, but the film shows us a flip side, less friendly and a lot more plain. A sharp and poignant critique of mass tourism, but also a reflection on capitalism and an allegory for the masks we put on within this system.

Behind the Lines (Draw for Change!)

Language: Arabic, English | English subtitles

Amany Al-Ali stands out as one of Syria’s few female cartoonists. Despite praise and recognition for her work (especially in Europe) she faces threats and exclusion, as well as fear of extremists, Russian bombs and Assad's advancing troops. She invites us into her drawing classes for women, into her home and family. She shares her art and her views of the future, growing more uncertain by the day.

Bye Bye Tiberias

Language: French, Arabic | English subtitles

When Hiam Abbass left her village to pursue her dream of acting, she also left behind her mother, grandmother and sisters. Thirty years later, she returns with her daughter, filmmaker Lina, in this documentary on a journey through the long gone but not forgotten places that formed four generations of bold Palestinian women.


Language: Catalan | English subtitles

After she moves in with her boyfriend, Mila finds her body is resisting sex. She embarks on a journey of self-exploration, to her earliest moments of sexual awareness and her teenage years, in the hope of reconciling with her own body. With strong actors and the use of a unique film language, the film shows various stages of Mila’s life as a woman, touching on shame, taboo and acceptance.


Language: Danish, English | English subtitles

Colourful satire based on historical events in Saint Croix, a Caribbean island colonized by Denmark. Anna Heegaard and Petrine are good friends, with very different lives. Anna is the ‘free colored’ rich wife of the Danish governor-general, and depends heavily on her housekeeper Petrine – her property. When rumours of an uprising start to spread, the question is raised who will take whose side.

Feminism WTF

Language: German, English | English subtitles

What do we mean when we use the word ‘feminism’? This documentary tears Kant’s theory, that biology is our destiny, apart first thing. Lively interviews, dance performances and social experiments show that it is not just about gender, but also about race, class, capitalism, representation, binary systems and colonial history. Who said political activism couldn’t be a colourful, intellectual party?


Language: Dutch | English subtitles

Robin and Jonas return home defeated after the still birth of their child. As they try to understand and begin to process what happened, Robin's breasts start to produce milk. She hopes to donate the milk, but this proves more difficult than expected. While their house slowly fills with bottles, a chilling determination grows in Robin.

Paradise Is Burning

Language: Swedish | English subtitles

In a working-class neighborhood in Sweden, three sisters are left to their own devices by an absent mother. A summer without rules approaches, chaotic but happy. When social services calls for an appointment, Laura, the eldest, sets out to find someone who can pretend to be their mother. How long can the euphoria of total freedom last?

Polite Society

Language: English | no subtitles

A merry mash up of sisterly love, parental disappointment and bold action. Martial artist-in-training Ria Khan firmly believes that she has to save her older sister Lena from her impending marriage. With the help of her friends, she attempts to pull off the most ambitious of all rescue wedding heists - but are her suspicions really so misplaced?

Poor Things

Language: English | Dutch subtitles

The incredible story of Bella Baxter (Emma Stone), a woman brought back to life by a highly unorthodox scientist, journeying across the world with a fragile macho lawyer. With a baby's brain and thus freed from prejudices of her time, Bella learns about the world, sex and life itself, advocating equality and liberation. A sort of feminist Frankenstein, filled with exuberant, brilliant absurdism.

Portrait de la jeune fille en feu (Portrait of a Lady on Fire)

Language: French | English subtitles

Britanny, late 18th century. Marianne (Noémie Merlant) is commissioned to paint the wedding portrait of Heloïse (Adèle Haenel), who is against the marriage, without her knowledge. At night, Marianne secretly paints Heloïse, after carefully observing her during they daily walks. Attraction grows between the two women, until eventually love ignites.

Note: Portrait de la jeune fille en feu will be introduced by director Céline Sciamma, who will also be giving a Director's Talk on Friday March 8th at 19:15 PM.


Language: Spanish, English | English subtitles

When they meet, Dancer Elena and sign language interpreter Dovydas have an instant and kinetic connection. As they grow closer, and Dovydas tells Elena that he is asexual, the couple tries in everything to respect each other’s different needs. A poetic, intimate and beautifully shot film about love, relationships, (a)sexuality and what our bodies can express.

We Are Fire (Draw for Change!)

Language: Spanish, English | English subtitles

Figures in gender-based violence in Mexico are alarming: in the past six years, the number of disappeared women and girls has tripled. In a country where security debates are often about drug crime, artists like Mar Maremoto are breaking the silence around femicide. Mar not only shares her work online, but connects with victims, wanting to expose the mechanism behind femicide rates and looking for ways to bring about change.

We Will Not Fade Away

Language: Russian, Ukrainian | English subtitles

Documentary about five teenagers in the Ukranian Donbas region, where the people have been living with war since 2014. An uncertain life in a not-too-exiting rural area, where a future as a miner seems inevitable. A sudden opportunity to go trekking in the Himalayas brings hope; the teenagers are determined to make something of their lives when the war, which has already taken up half their youth, will finally be over.

Wicked Little Letters

Language: English | Dutch subtitles

In British Littlehampton, vulgar, obscene letters start to get delivered to prim Edith (Olivia Colman). Free-spirited, foul-mouthed Rose (Jessie Buckley) is prime suspect and risks losing custody of her daughter. Sussex’ first woman police officer Moss sets out to unravel the mystery. A black comedy about women who act their own, fighting for justice in a legal system that excludes them.


Every year, we organise two short film competitions for upcoming filmmakers: KersVers and Noordsterren. Participants meet other (professional) filmmakers, can attend a masterclass and the Director's Talk, this year with guest of honour filmmaker Céline Sciamma. The short film competition KersVers focuses on short films by female directors or those who identify as women; Noordsterren is open to all filmmakers (v/m/x) from the northern provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. During IFA, the awards for Best Film and for Best Northern Film will be presented by an expert jury. 

Many short films in this year's competition are suitable for non-Dutch speakers! 9 out of 12 are either in English or with English subtitles.


Language: Dutch | English subtitles

Monsters onder het bed

Language: Dutch | English subtitles

our songs were ready for all the wars to come

Language: none | no subtitles

strip of eyelid finds its morning

Language: English, Spanish | English subtitles

The Gap

Language: English | no subtitles

Three Windows on South West

Language: Ukrainian, Russian | English subtitles

Wells of Despair

Language: Yakut | English subtitles

Daar moet nog wat mee

Language: Dutch | English subtitles


Language: Dutch | English subtitles

About IFA

International Film Festival Assen (IFA) is an annual four-day film festival that focuses on the role of women in front of and behind the camera. IFA strengthens the position of women in film by providing a platform for female filmmakers, and telling stories from perspectives that are not dominant in film. Every year IFA offers a program full of recently released (inter)national titles, exclusive pre-releases and a careful selection of last year’s best films that match the IFA mission. Join in with our in-depth panel talks, various introductions and Q&A’s with filmmakers and guest programmers. In the foyer you can enjoy the Contour program, with performing arts, exhibitions and live music every day. In addition, there are short film competitions for new Dutch and Northern filmmaking talent: KersVers and Noordsterren, for which prizes will be awarded during the festival by a professional jury.

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Whatever you think your life is going to be like, just know, it’s not going to be anything like that.

— Abbie Porter (Greta Gerwig), 20th Century Women


7, 8, 9 & 10 March 2024