Internationaal Filmfestival Assen | Vrouw & Film

41st edition

About IFA
International Film Festival Assen (IFA) is an annual three-day film festival that focuses on the role of women in front of and behind the camera. IFA strengthens the position of women in film by providing a platform for female filmmakers, and telling stories from perspectives that are not dominant in film. Every year IFA offers a program full of recently released (inter)national titles, exclusive pre-releases and a careful selection of last year’s best films that match the IFA mission. Join in with our in-depth panel talks, various introductions and Q&A’s with filmmakers and guest programmers. In the foyer you can enjoy the Contour program, with performing arts, exhibitions and live music every day. In addition, there are short film competitions for new Dutch and Northern filmmaking talent: KersVers and Noordsterren, for which prizes will be awarded during the festival by a professional jury.

IFA is one of the oldest film festivals with a feminist tradition in Europe, the only festival with such an orientation in The Netherlands and one of the few places in Drenthe that program arthouse films.

In 2020 we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the International Film Festival Assen | Vrouw & Film, founded in 1980 as Festival Vrouwenfilms. At the time, the festival mainly had an educational purpose. Over the last forty years, the emphasis of IFA’s mission has shifted and developed; now, the festival is above all a platform for film, although its theme and importance have not changed. During the 2020 edition we looked back on four decades of IFA: how has the role of women in film and in society changed, and to what extent? What might have changed years from now, and how can we help to shape that future?

And speaking about change: in 2021 our entire festival takes place online. Watch this site and our social channels for regular updates, and we hope to welcome you online – be it viewing a film or joining in during one of our livestream events!

5 – 7 March 2021

Since the 41st edition of IFA takes place online – you don’t have to go anywhere. Just sit back, relax, check your internet connection, log onto our website (more details soon) and enjoy the festival from your very own couch!

Next year, we hope to welcome you again at DNK at Weiersstraat 1 in Assen.

Tickets for the 2021 edition will go on sale February 22nd, through the (then updated) IFA website.

Ticket prices:
Regular €8,50
Friends of IFA €7,00

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In our 2021 program most films are spoken in English or have English subtitles. The Programma overview is in Dutch, but you can find all titles suited for English speaking viewers below. Follow the pink links to the Dutch film pages, where you can find the trailers, film stills and posters.

Note that all introductions and Q&As, the IFA Perspectief panel talk and the Masterclass are Dutch spoken.


Beyond the Visible – Hilma af Klint
Halina Dyrschka | 2020 | Germany | 93′ | IFA & Drents Museum | Eng subs
  Visually strong documentary about Hilma af Klint, the real pioneer of abstract painting, whose work, life and inspirations we can finally admire on the silver screen, after more than hundred years.

The City Was Ours: Radical Feminism in the 70’s
Netty van Hoorn | 2020 | Nederland | 70′ | IFA & Roze Filmdagen | Eng subs
  In De stad was van ons: radicaal feminisme in de jaren ’70 we feel and relive the hope and readiness to fight of women in the seventies that wanted to be autonomous, wanting to break free of the expectations of a society that restricted them.

Louise Mootz | 2020 | France | 52′ | Eng subs
  Jungle immerses the viewer in a nightly Paris we rarely see, a concrete jungle that screams ‘Liberté, egalité, sororité’ from the rooftops, when the clichéd, ever-elegant Parisienne is fast asleep.

Ladies of Steel
Pamela Tola | 2020 | Finland | 92′ | IFA & Noordelijk Film Festival | Eng subs
  A pleasantly nutty comedy in which 75-year old Inkeri hits her husband on the head with a frying pan after being belittled by him for fifty years. With her two sisters she embarks on a final, wild road trip across Finland.

Ana Rocha de Sousa | 2020 | Portugal, UK | 73′ | Eng subs
  In the outskirts of London, Portuguese Bela and Jota struggle to make ends meet. When a misunderstanding arises at school with their deaf daughter, the British social services grow concerned for the safety of their three children.

Little White Lie
Pamela Tola | 2020 | Finland | 65′ | Decolonizing Pictures | Eng spoken
  Director Lacey Schwartz searches for the truth behind her family history when she finds out her entire youth is based on a little white lie.

Needle Park Baby
Pierre Monnard | 2020 | Switzerland | 100′ | Eng subs
  Spring 1995. After the closure of the Needle Park and the public drug scene in Zurich, eleven-year-old Mia finds unexpected friendships and slowly starts to break free from her heroin addicted mother.

Once Upon a Time in Venezuela
Anabel Rodríguez Ríos | 2020 | Venezuela, Brasilia, UK, Austria | 99′ | Eng subs
  Each in their own way, two women fight hard to preserve their community, the small floating village of Congo Mirador, in a country that is in deep political and economic crisis.

Requiem for Williamsburg
Yara Hannema | 2019 | The Netherlands, US | 30′ | Eng spoken
  All that long-time Brooklyn artist and gallery owner Pauline wants, is to stay in her beloved neighborhood, but super-gentrification threatens to destroy her life-work.

The Ashes
Anastasia Anagnostopoulou | 2019 | Greece | 21′ | Eng subs
  Mourning can end after death, or can commence with the burial. But what if you hang on to your beloved’s ashes? The beautifully shot, slow-burning The Ashes shows the struggle with pain through imagination and the quest of adulthood.

The Case You
Alison Kuhn | 2020 | Germany | 80′ | Eng subs
  Topical documentary about transgressive behaviour in the world of film and theatre that shows six young women revisit and play out auditions in which they were abused and manipulated.

The Piano
Jane Campion | 1993 | New-Zealand, Australia, France| 100′ | IFA Perspectief | Eng spoken
  Award winning classic costume drama about a forbidden love between a woman and a stranger, in the rugged woods of 19th century New-Zealand.

The Dilemma of Desire
Maria Finitzo | 2020 | US | 108′ | IFA & Movies that Matter | Eng spoken
  A refreshing documentary portraying the work of various women who, driven by their own work and lives, want to smash the myths and lies the world tells women and girls about their own bodies and their sexual desires.

The sound of Maya Deren by Kinetophone
Kinetophone | 2021 | The Netherlands | 50′ | IFA & PeerGroup | silent film
  The musicians of Kinetophone perform their original music live to Maya Deren’s avant-garde films Meshes of the Afternoon (1943), At Land (1944) and Ritual in Transfigured Time (1946). Livestream (with v. short intro in Dutch).

Daniela König | 2019 | Jordan, Germany | 88′ | Eng subs
  The first female plumbers in Jordan are on a mission: repair leakages, show housewives how to handle water properly and train other women to gain their own independence through working.

Antoneta Kastrati | 2019 | Kosovo, Albania | 107′ | Eng subs
  Tragic but beautiful Zana tells the story of Lume, who feels stuck in her small rural community, in her role of wife in a childless marriage, and most of all in her trauma after the recent civil war in Kosovo.