Internationaal Filmfestival Assen (IFA) wants to strengthen the position of female filmmakers by stimulating upcoming talents. The programme KersVers is a podium for short films made by talented female filmmakers from the Netherlands and a yearly varying country. The selected films are shown during the festival and judged by a professional jury. Short documentary and fiction films from all genres are welcome to submit.

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Winners previous editions
KersVers 2018: Kiem Holijanda – Sarah Veltmeyer
KersVers Denmark 2018: Abu Adnan – Sylvia Le Fanu
Noordsterren 2018: Anders – Reinout Hellenthal

KersVers 2017: The Origin of Trouble – Tessa Pope
KersVers Belgium 2017: A l’arraché – Emmanuelle Nicot
Noordsterren 2017: Moving Landscapes – Froukje van Wengerden